The Gidofoon

If you wanted to be shown around in the Evoluon, but no guide was available, you could rent a cassette player and a tape, which would talk you through a small part of the exhibition. On the tape it said where you had to go to and what was seen there. When you got there, a bell told you to switch off the player and look at the objects at your leisure. When you were finished, you switched the recorder on again and it would take you to the next object. A large set of tapes was available, that explained different parts of the exhibition.

De Gidofoon cassette speler, met Evoluon Gidofoon rondleiding bandje

On this site you can download mp3 versions of three Gidofoon tapes. If you have any other Gidofoon tapes at home, please tell us, using the e-mail link at the top right!

Gidofoon cassette Nederlands 1 Gidofoon cassette Engels 1

(Right click on each file and choose 'save target as' if you want to save these mp3 files)

The first tape talks about measuring through the ages. The second one talks about the manufacturing of lightbulbs, and the composition of atoms. (Unfortunately we do not have the English version of the second tape.)

De atomen demonstratie

The black sphere visualising the composition of atoms from the second tape.


(The mp3 files on this site do not contain illegal music tracks, they are spoken word only!)