Evoluon links

www.vrienden-evoluon.org Friends of the Evoluon (Dutch)

http://www.evoluon.com the official site of the Evoluon conference centre

http://www.dse.nl/~malt1962/Evoluon.htm Spanish people and their special connection to the Evoluon

http://www.senster.com A website solely focused on the Senster, by Senster-fan Alex Zivanovic

http://www.bbk.ac.uk/hafvm/cache CACHe, a project to document computer art in the United Kingdom, also mentions the Senster on her site.

Dutch Photo Archive Enter Evoluon as a search word and see many pictures of official events there

Evoluon at Wikipedia


Philips links


http://philips.startkabel.nl/ Lots of Philips links

http://www.philipsmuseum.nl/ Philips Museum Amsterdam

http://www.computermuseumgroningen.nl/ Philips computers in the computermuseum in Groningen

http://members.lycos.co.uk/philipsverzameling/ Philips collection of Roland Remie

Kunst in de Philips reclame site van Frans Wilbrink


Eindhoven links

http://040.pagina.nl/ Startpagina Eindhoven

www.gemeenteeindhoven.com Eindhoven community guide