Evoluon memento's

Canadian Don Clark found this strange contraption in an antique store. It's a weather satellite. It has several measuring instruments. There is an Evoluon sticker at the bottom, so it must have come from the souvenir shop. Does anyone recognize it? More photos on this page.

Evoluon pin

A guru from http://www.rekenlinialen.org/ told us that this thing is a slide rule (the scales A and B) and a calendar. The calendar tells you what weekday goes with a certain date. The brand is Concise, they still make discs like this one today.

Onno Heesbeen bought as a child this measuring line in the Evoluon souvenir shop.

Tim Hill kept this keyring to store coins in.

Envelop met Evoluon poststempel 1966

Rare first day envelope with Evoluon stamp from 1966 is from the collection of Hans TLM

Envelop met Evoluon poststempel 1966

Envelop met Evoluon poststempel 1966

Postcard sent around all European capitals with the Philips Frienship plane with the registration PH-LIP to celebrate Philips 75 years, from the collection of Maarten FGK.


Joop van de Velden explains this one:

This Evoluon artefact I have is a strip of paper with your weight and the date printed on it. It was automatically produced by a machine when you stepped on a platform. Although the serial number ("volgnummer") had stopped incrementing, the weight measurement worked fine. It seems my weight was 58.4 kg in december '73 (I was 16 years old) and that was dressed of course :-). I also had great fun with with measuring my weight before and after going to the bathroom.

Wylliam Robinson visited the Evoluon restaurant Le Relais every time he went to the Evoluon. he kept one receipt and a napkin.

Evoluon picturestamps

Frans Wilbrink kept his entrance ticket

A computer controlled drilling unit for printed circuit boards was drilling Evoluon drawings in PCBs all day. Neil Sembower sent us this scan of one.

He also found this towel in the souvenir shop.

Ton Soos still has the Ravensburger Evoluon puzzles in his game cabinet.

Evoluon schuifpuzzle

Evoluon spoons