The EVOLUON offers, as the name suggest, an impression of the evolution from science and technology and the impact of it onto society.

Side view of buildings
Floor map of ground floor

Recommended route:

Free gaderobe across the restaurant.
With the elevator (plunjerlift) to the balcony (31)
Turn left - tour ring 3 and the balconies, ring 2 and ring 1.
Down the main stairs back to the glass hal and through the connecting hal down the escalator to the Basement (Onderbouw).

Cross section disc

The exhibition is split up over three ring shaped floors, two balconies, and a basement in the restaurant wing.

Ring 3 and Balconies 4

Floor map Ring 3

Gives an impression of the problem of the growing world population and the signification of science and technology for society.

Ring 2

Floor map Ring 2

Dedicated to technology and the secrets of engineering.

Ring 1

Floor map Ring 1

Philips, an international electronic industry.

Through the connecting hall and the escalator at the restaurant you will reach the BASEMENT.

Here you will find:

INTRODUCTION TO TECHNOLOGY (VOORSPEL DER TECHNIEK): many demonstration models in areas of physics and engineering, which will be of particular intrest for the youth.
LIBRARY AND READING ROOM (BIBLIOTHEEK EN LEESZAAL) where you can find reading material about the topics of the exhibition.
INFORMATION Philips Concern.
"IN FOCUS": a changing exhibition of current interests.
AUDITORIUM: audio and video room.

Floor map Basement


monday up to and including saturday from 10 to 18 hours.
Sunday (also 2th Christmas day, Easter monday and Whit monday and Ascension day), from 13 to 18 hours.
Closed at New Years day, 1st Christmans day, Easter sunday and White sunday.
Childeren younger then the age of 12 are only allowed inside under guidence of an adult.
ENTRANCE FEE 1.00 Dutch guilder

Be aware, this information is not valid any more.

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