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The Evoluon was a museum dedicated to science and technology, and the place of technology in society. It was closed for the public in 1989 and has not been re-opened as a public museum since. It was a unique hands-on museum, where visitors did not only look at the exhibits but also were able to interact with them. You actually were allowed to touch things.

There is not one website on the Internet about the best days of the Evoluon in the 70s and 80s. The site you are visiting now will try to fill this void. This will not be easy, since a lot from this period has been thrown in the trash. Only a few pictures and artifacts remain. If you have any pictures or other memento's of the Evoluon, please contact us so we can add them to this site! You can contact Kees, the dedicated maintainer of this website, by e-mailing him via this address.

Great news! The Evoluon was reopened!

The big news is that for the first time since 1989 a new science exhibition was opened at the Evoluon! The exhibition was about the human brain, how it works, how we perceive things, how this can be tricked, how the brain is being investigated and what can go wrong with it. There were a lot of small interactive science experiments and games that you could play with that illustrated the story the exhibition wants to tell. At the beginning you answered a few questions about yourself, and then you got a ring you could hold next to a scanner at many of the exhibits, so the story it told was tailored to you. At the end you could share your scores in the games on Facebook.

You could visit the exhibition from 7 july to 19 august 2012 from 10.00 to 18.00 h.

It was great to be back in the Evoluon. A number of the displays seemed directly reincarnated from the Evoluon of old and caused the same amazement and wonder they did before. The exhibition was a success and plans are already made for an exhibition in 2013.

http://www.evoluon.com/nieuws/nieuws/brain-experience-zet-brein-in-beweging-.html News (in Dutch) about the event.

Together with Hans Gubbels, the creator of the Brain Experience, we walked through the Evoluon today to compare the new with the old, and we loved what he has built. It is what the Evoluon could have been had it continued to function, I believe.

The Brain Experience will be opened for the next seven weeks, and then the Evoluon will close again for the public and the conferences will resume. But plans are already being made for the exhibition of next year!


History - This link has a short introduction to the history of this unique building.

The Gidofoon - If you wanted to be shown around in the Evoluon, but no guide was available, you could rent a cassette player and a tape, which would talk you through a small part of the exhibition. On the tape it said where you had to go to and what was seen there. When you got there, a bell told you to switch off the player and look at the objects at your leisure. When you were finished, you switched the recorder on again and it took you to the next object. This site features some mp3's and pictures of the so-called Gidofoon.

The Senster - Close to the Entrance of the Evoluon was a magnificent robot, a cybernetic sculpture built by Edward Ihnatowicz. It was the first computer controlled piece of art.

Evoluon film - Ernst Leefsma found in his archives a rare Laser vision disc with a 12 minute film about the Evoluon uit 1969. It is great to see these images again! Via the link on the left you can see stills from the film- or even download the complete thing!

Evoluon pictures - Here you'll find pictures that Kees collected from all kinds of different sources. If you have pictures Kees hasn't, he'd love to put them on this site!

Museums - Some dutch museums have things from the Evoluon in their collection. Under the Museums-link you can find pictures of Kees' visit to the Philips museum in Eindhoven, and information on other museums where you can find Evoluon-things.

The Evoluon amateur radio station - In the Evoluon was a permanently manned amateur radio station. Radio amateurs who contacted this station got a special 'qsl' card from the operators. On this site we have images of these cards and the story of one radio amateur.

Evoluon mementos - As a visitor you could take many small mementos home from the Evoluon. This is what we got so far.

Friends of the Evoluon - Do you think it is a shame the Evoluon no longer has an exhibition? Join the Friends of the Evoluon